Diverse Voices Beat It teaches about consent

Beat It (Years 9, 10 & 11)

Focusing on identifying sexually harmful behaviour, a variety of serious issues are addressed including ideals of beauty, the pressure to conform to gender stereotypes, consent and the laws surrounding it.

Diverse Voices Stay Safe educating on online safety

Stay Safe (Years 6 & 7)

Explores the themes of healthy relationships, online safety and ideals of beauty, whilst raising awareness of the laws, risks and consequences surrounding these subjects. 

Gang workshops for young people

Code Madness (Years 6, 7 & 8)

Looking at gang culture and knife crime, whilst also focusing on area conflicts/postcode wars. We use real life experiences to educate on the serious impact of gang culture, while exploring ways of coping with peer pressure and fear.

Diverse Voices Anti Bullying Workshops in schools

Heartless (Years 6, 7 & 8)

Exploring bullying and informing young people on the different types, the reasons behind it, the effects upon those involved, identifying sources of help/support inside and out of school.

The productions are accompanied by workshops that explore the topics raised in the play through interactive activities, designed to accommodate half and full days within schools.

Our theatre pieces are highly educational, whilst still being a fun and engaging way for young people to learn in a safe environment. Using ‘forum theatre’ we give the young people an opportunity to implement what they have learnt in the workshops.


Other Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 Topics Covered

  • Peer pressure / Substance misuse
  • Racism
  • Employability & future aspirations
  • African history


As well as our already established productions, our team are trained to also research and devise original productions to cover any specific issues that you feel need to be addressed with your young people.

Peer pressure / Substance misuse
Employability & future aspirations
African History
Peer pressure / Substance misuse
Employability & future aspirations
African History
Last year we had some funding and really wanted a production that went beyond the shocking and extreme case of CSE depicted in Chelsea’s Choice, to have relevance and impact for all young people in the audience. I researched a wide range of productions and eventually found Beat It. With the workshops facilitated by the actors (and even better when it was also followed up in PSHE lessons), all pupils could take learning from the play to apply to their lives and situations. We had excellent feedback from schools and they were extremely keen to book for the second year.
Janine Killough London Borough of Islington